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Ayda Ersoy
Health Angel
Passionate about everything connected with healthy living.

About Me

Thank you for visiting my page!

I have been in the health & fitness industry for over 20 years. I believe in a completely natural approach to healing body and mind, with the correct nutrition, and the correct exercise.

I am a certified personal trainer, nutrition consultant, advanced Pilates instructor, registered yoga teacher, and advanced PowerPlate instructor. I’m specialized in mobility and core strength, and certified in tactical training.

And I’m still a student too! We can never be fully educated — new information is becoming available all the time, it’s vitally important to keep up to date with the newest studies and the latest research. I am currently studying for a degree in comprehensive nutrition, and a Doctor of Natural Medicine.

I have traveled to many places. I started my journey in Istanbul, Turkey. From there I moved to Vancouver, BC, then to the beautiful island of Molokai in Hawaii.

I love running, weight training, hiking, fitness competitions (in bikini division), and cooking.

I personally believe that our health is affected by everything that we eat, drink, breathe, by the personal care products that we use, by the environmental pollutants that surround us, and by our mental spirit. To become completely health conscious takes time. We need to create new habits, and really look closely at our lifestyle choices.

Of course I wasn't always aware how important all these factors are. I thought that just eating healthy, mainly organically grown food and exercising regularly was enough to maximize my health. But it's not. I learned during my personal journey, and my education, how many other factors affect us.

My passion is teaching everything that I can to everyone around me, my family, my students, and YOU! That is why I founded Health Angel. Learning is creating a relationship between something that you already know, and something you don't. My wish is to teach you everything I know, and to see you happy, healthy, and a big step closer to success on your journey.

I offer my clients a complete service, helping them find a new pathway to create a healthy lifestyle. This includes fun and easy ways to lose weight, and then maintain it. I provide personal training for all abilities, with one-on-one and fun group classes. And I also help with the deep detoxification of exposure to the chemicals in our household & personal care products, and in the environment around us, and I teach alternative choices to avoid future exposure.

I am grateful that I found my calling at an early age, and for the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience with others.

Thank you for reading my story!

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